Casino Player Card Tier Match

A comprehensive list of Atlantic City Casinos that are currently offering player card tier match or upgrades.

  • CET Diamond – Mlife Gold, GN 24k Chairman, Resorts Paramount, Tropicana Platinum, Wyndham Diamond
  • MGM Mlife Gold – CET Diamond, Resorts Red Carpet, Tropicana Platinum
  • Golden Nugget 24K Elite Light – Mlife Gold, CET Diamond, Resorts Red Carpet, Tropicana Black
    • EAC Members are entitled to Elite valid until 2/1/2020 by either showing their bracelet or by verifying membership by showing the EAC Facebook page on their phone.
  • Tropicana – No tier matching at this time.
  • Ocean Black – Golden Nugget Elite, Mlife Platinum, Tropicana Black, CET 7 stars, Resorts Red Carpet
  • Resorts – No tier matching at this time.
  • Hard Rock Rock Royalty – Mlife Gold, CET Diamond, Golden Nugget Chairman, Tropicana, Platinum, Resorts Red Carpet

List updated 7/2019


  1. Resorts does not Tier match

  2. Resorts does not Tier match.

  3. Joe

    Thank you

  4. what does the bracelet do for you . good luck or people are saying you get a card up grade. or must you have a upgraded card from a other casino

    • Mostly for good luck but also a way of finding other members in the casino. GN upgrade and free valet parking also.

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